History of Partnership with Public Health

In 2010, members from the Council of Medical Officers of Health (COMOH) and the Association of Public Health Epidemiologists in Ontario (APHEO) submitted a discussion paper to BORN Ontario to advocate for public health unti (PHU) access to the BORN Ontario registry data for population health assessment and surveillance of reproductive health in Ontario. As a direct result, APHEO representatives engaged with BORN Ontario to identify the mechanism for access to BORN Ontario data for PHUs and relevant data elements for public health.

BORN Public Health Working Group

 The purpose of the BORN Public Health Working Group is:
  1. To advocate for access to, and use of, BORN data for public health purposes and

  2. To establish an effective mechanism for communication between member agencies (BORN, public health units and Public Health Ontario).

APHEO members from any of the work group agencies who work regularly with BORN data and have an interest in advancing the work group’s purpose may join this work group.

Yearly Public Health Privacy Audit

This is part of BORN’s yearly privacy audit with Public Health Ontario and each health unit.  Local Administrators verify that the list of users in the BORN Information System match all signed agreements on file under their organization. 

Data Requests and Data Elements

Visit the data section of the BORN website to learn more about data collection, quality, and use.

Partnership Projects

BORN and HCD-ISCIS Integration Initiative (eHBHC): From January 2018 to June 2019, BORN Ontario led the provincial roll-out of a data integration initiative designed to enhance the way in which key maternal-child screening information moves between hospitals and Public Health Units (PHUs). This initiative was supported  by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS).  

This project involved a tiered approach to implementation: 1) partial pre-population  of the HBHC Screen in the BIS, printing, manual completion and faxing (2012/13); 2) Pilot of electronic  completion & transmission (2016) and 3) the provincial rollout  (2017/19).  Questions? Contact us at HBHC@bornontario.ca


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