For a full list of publications that have used BORN data or were led by the BORN Ontario team, see our list in PubMed. This list is continually updated as new publications become available.

Since 2009, over 100 scientific publications have resulted from research done using BORN data.

Research using BORN data is published by Canadian and international research teams in diverse journals, including journals that reach front-line maternal-newborn health care providers, and high-impact journals with broad scientific reach.


 The research topics for these publications includes, but is not limited to:

  • Data quality assessments
  • Use of prenatal screening and diagnostic testing
  • Program evaluations of new health services and/or clinical interventions
  • Trends in obstetrical interventions and factors influencing use
  • Trends in breastfeeding and influencing factors
  • Factors influencing maternal and newborn health outcomes, such as:
    • Type of health care provider
    • Obstetrical interventions
    • Environmental exposures
    • Vaccinations
  • Trends and outcomes with use of artificial reproductive technology
  • COVID-19

Visit our BORN publications page for a description of sample publications led by BORN Ontario.