BORN collects Personal Health Information for the purpose of improving or facilitating the provision of health care in compliance with s. 39(1)(c) of PHIPA.

The types of Personal Health Information collected include demographic information (e.g. age, postal code) and clinical information about fetuses, newborn babies, children and their mothers (including pregnancy history, medical history and a summary of care provided during pregnancy, labour, birth and the newborn and early childhood periods).

This information is collected from health information custodians involved in the care of children, newborns and their mothers. 

BORN ensures that the collection of Personal Health Information is consistent with PHIPA and its regulation. BORN does not collect Personal Health Information if other information will serve the purpose and does not collect more Personal Health Information than is reasonably necessary to meet the purposes outlined above.

BORN collects only those data elements that have been identified through the rigorous review process undertaken by the Data Collection Review Committee.   That Committee has been delegated responsibility for:

  • Ensuring that each identified collection is consistent with the Act and its regulations.
  • Maintenance of a statement identifying the purpose of each data holding, the personal health information contained in each data holding, the source of the personal health information, and the need for the personal health information in relation to the identified purpose.
  • Maintenance of a summary of the data holdings.